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Design with Color & Light

color pillow_edited.jpg

At A Design Art & House, we use color and light to change and transform space. After reviewing your space and listening to your ideas we will make suggestions and offer a few color combination we think fit your needs. Based on your personality we can offer a very neutral yet sophisticated color palette or a stronger color story. We pay close attention to moldings and ceilings, nothing is taken for granted when creating a color palette for your home. Sometimes color can be executed through the use of accessories, art you already own or pillows strategically placed. If you are looking to change your home's curb appeal we can help redesign the exterior color palette of your house. Once again we will provide a few color combinations for you to review and approve. Another important accessory of every home is lighting design, the mood of every room can change with the right lighting. All rooms can be updated and energized with appropriate lighting. Let us give you suggestions and ideas on how to brighten your home.




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